Benefits Of Ballet For Young Children

Posted 2021-09-08 by Sue
There is nothing cuter than a toddler in a tutu, but what is your child really learning in a preschool ballet program?

Well, the research suggests it’s a lot more than simply dancing. A good quality ballet program that focuses on the whole child will offer many positive outcomes. Not just physically but socially, academically and emotionally, too.

Confidence, strength and smarts
Enrolling your child in ballet lessons from a young age can do wonders for their confidence, their concentration skills, and their understanding of music and rhythm. Furthermore, ballet not only strengthens their body, but their rapidly growing brains.

School readiness
Research has shown that dance and movement based classes support better scores in literacy, numeracy and social skills. Ballet also helps foster teamwork, communication, trust and cooperation - great skills that transfer into the classroom. And of course, our children are none the wiser, because they are having so much fun!

Promotes an active lifestyle
Ballet, like any sport, has the obvious benefit of supporting a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle. Keeping kids fit and away from devices for just a few hours a week sets up amazing habits for life. Through dance your child’s strength and flexibility is increased and helps build the foundation of a physically active lifestyle. And irrespective of all this, no matter how old you are, dancing makes you feel good!

Inspires creativity
It is no surprise that ballet is referred to as art for athletes. Ballet is an opportunity for children to translate their emotions, thoughts, fears and ideas into a creative outlet. This helps them learn to self-regulate their emotions and to think critically and creatively

Tutu School is a whimsical boutique ballet school for toddlers & children in Bellevue and Seattle.

Bellevue is a brand-new location and Tutu School is offering 50% OFF September tuition, and a Founding Member benefit of 10% OFF all monthly tuition if you enroll in September.

They offer small, onsite classes and online streaming ballet or creative movement classes for children from 1.5 years old, through to 9 years old.

View the class schedules below:
  • Bellevue
  • Seattle
  • [LINk Virtual Classes]

  • Tutu School offers month-to-month membership for $92, with the option to cancel at anytime.

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    Tutu School Bellevue is conveniently located in Apple Tree Plaza in Bellevue, WA. Parking is free anywhere within shopping lot except designated reserved spots.

    Phone: 425.615.6579

    Tutu School Seattle is cozily and conveniently nestled on the North side of Queen Anne, very close to Seattle Pacific University, with plenty of parking readily available.

    Phone: 206.319.9828

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