Empower Your Kids Through Social & Emotional Learning, Play & Movement

Empower Your Kids Through Social & Emotional Learning, Play & Movement

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Join Kong Empowered Kids (KEK) (for kids ages 6 - 8) today and give your child a life-changing experience that will help them succeed, be happy, and have a bright future!

Kong Empowered Kids is an exciting NEW program that is designed to help children grow, move, and develop in ways you've never seen before. Just wait and see how they'll develop new physical, social and emotional skills - all while having fun!

Kong Empowered Kids is all about unlocking the incredible potential within children and helping them grow into their best selves! Imagine how amazing it would be to see your child confidently overcome challenges, learn new skills, and explore a world full of endless possibilities.

The online course and community will keep your kids engaged and help you raise happy, healthy, and active kids, without sacrificing your own time and energy!

What will my child experience?

  • Unlock the Power of Play: Watch your child move, and play and unleash their potential through fun-filled activities and games!
  • Foster Emotional Strength: We focus on building emotional resilience, equipping kids with essential life skills to handle emotions and challenges like champions!
  • Stronger Bonds: Discover the best ways to support your child, understand their needs, and strengthen your parent-child connection.
  • Happy & Healthy Future: Set your child on a path to happiness and healthiness by encouraging positive habits and mindset from a young age!
  • Bye-Bye Boredom: No more couch potatoes! Your child will be engaged in enriching activities, saying goodbye to mindless screen time.

  • What does the course include?

  • Weekly Engaging Videos

  • A Clearly Laid Out Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Path

  • 4 Cornerstone Modules
  • - Responsible Decision Making
    - Developing a Growth Mindset
    - Managing Emotions
    - Setting & Achieving Goals

  • Monthly live group SEL & Movement session via Zoom (and access to all recordings)

  • Access to a private WhatsApp group to connect, learn from and share with the Kong Academy team and likeminded parents with a similar value system

  • A Quarterly Live Session for YOU to Learn More About Your Kid’s Social and Emotional Development Journey

  • Access to Movement Games and Other Physical Activities

  • Text Message Once Your Child Has Completed A Lesson

  • A Scoreboard That Makes Learning Fun

  • Bonus: Parent Education and Support
  • - Risk Play Webinar
    - How to Talk to Kids About Traumatic Events

  • Extra Bonus: Birthday package. 10 super fun activities to have a blast and keep kids busy and entertained.

  • You can trust Kong Empowered Kids to give your child the best possible future.

    BOOK NOW and take advantage of the Founder's Discount Code.

  • Use KEKFounderM for $50 OFF EVERY month.
  • Want to join for the entire year? Use KEKFounderY to get a $500 discount off the annual fee!
  • CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW! The Founder's Discount will ONLY be available for a short period of time.

    Want to find out more? Head to https://www.kongacademy.org/kong-empowered-kids.

    For more information, follow Kong Academy on Facebook + Instagram.

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