Midlife Mamas: A Supportive Community for Seattle's Older First Time Moms

Midlife Mamas: A Supportive Community for Seattle's Older First Time Moms

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Posted 2022-12-05 by Becfollow
Find a tribe of supportive mothers just like you.

Did you know that according to U.S. Census Bureau figures, the average age of birthing mothers is now 30? That’s the highest it’s ever been - and it’s even higher in the greater Seattle region.

If you became a mother for the first time over the age of 35, you may have noticed the lack of resources specific to the needs of older moms. Midlife Mamas is a vibrant, online community for older first time moms looking for support, resources and friendship with other ‘midlife moms’.

Founded by creative entrepreneur Natasha Dworkin, who herself became a mom later in life and shares her story at midlife.mom , the Midlife Mama Community on Facebook is a place to find connections with other moms who ‘just get it.’ Alongside sharing her story and resources with the community, Natasha offers courses, coaching, free resources, and more.

The majority of community members are women who reside in the Pacific Northwest and became mothers over the age of 35. It is a space to ask questions, get advice from others who have been there and discuss all things related to being an older mom.

Alongside the supportive community environment, Midlife Mamas hosts special events featuring expert guests, all speaking about topics relevant to motherhood later in life.

Just some of the previous topics include:
  • Parenting and Perimenopause
  • Caring for Our Kids While Caring for Aging Parents
  • Relationships and Intimacy Over the Age of 40

  • The main group also includes a Seattle area subgroup specifically for midlife moms in Seattle to plan meetups, share recommendations, exchange resources, and more.

    Thanks to the subgroup, the community has arranged ‘real world’ meetups to make lasting friendships. Past Seattle events have included "Mamas' Night Out" and "Mamas’ Mani Pedi Date." All members can host and promote their own events within the group, so there are always lots of opportunities to meet other moms on the horizon.

    If you became a mom for the first time at age 35 or older, this is the community you have been looking for to find friendship, support and the most valuable resources available. Head over to Natasha's website at midlife.mom to read her story, then get ready to meet your tribe at the Midlife Mama Community .

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