Midlife Mamas: A Vibrant Community for First Time Mothers at 35 and Over

Midlife Mamas: A Vibrant Community for First Time Mothers at 35 and Over

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Posted 2023-03-13 by Becfollow
Are you an older mom struggling to find your tribe? Midlife Mama is the place to go.

Becoming a first time mom is a blessing at any age, but often a little more challenging when you are in your mid-30s and over. There are midlife hormonal changes, career shifts and typically ageing parents to take care, all while trying to take care of a baby, plus find and connect with other moms with similar life experiences.

Midlife Mamas is your go-to place to meet other women who became moms later in life. This vibrant, virutal community is full of friendly, supportive older moms, all looking to make new friends and lasting connections with other women who understand the challenges and benefits of parenting at an older age.

The Midlife Mamas Facebook Group is open to anyone who became a mother for the first time at age 35 and over, either through birth, adoption, fostering, marriage, or other means.

Founder of the Midlife Mamas Community Natasha Dworkin became a mom in her 40s. She started the group in response to a sense of lonliness, compounded by a lack of opportunity to meet and connect with fellow moms who share similar life experiences and are dealing with the same issues.

Since starting Midlfe Mamas, Natasha has now introduced the new Midlife Mama monthly Growth Circles . During each month-long Growth Circle, a small group of women will gather virtually to connect, learn and grow together around topics relevant to ageing, motherhood, and the confluence of the two.

The April Growth Circle topic is Mindful Self Care in which group members will assess the role of self-care in their lives, set goals and explore what tools and techniques are available to prioritize daily self care. It’s a great way to support and engage with other moms, while gently holding each other accountable through to reach your goals.

Growth Circle members receive a customized workbook, created specifically for each monthly gathering. The workbook features lots of resources, inspiration and valuable tools such as trackers and planners to support your journey. This is also an opportunites for moms to interact with influencers, experts, and motivational midlife mamas with expertise in each month's topic.

The deadline to sign up for the upcoming Mindful Self Care Growth Circle is March 31 at noon PST. The signup deadline for each Growth Circle is always the last day of the preceding month.

Check out the video below!

Beyond March, Growth Circles will focus on topics such as Building Healthy Habits, Daily Movement, Healthy Hormones and Reigniting Passion (in our relationships and in our lives). Alternatively, there is the option to sign up in advance for all remaining Growth Circles this year and to receive a discount upon doing so. The cost to join an individual Growth Circle is $12. When you preregister for all five remaining 2023 Growth Circles, you pay just $10 each.

Make 2023 your year to meet make new friends and connect with fellow older moms who can relate to your parenting experience. Check out the Midlife Mama website or join the Facebook Group and find your tribe of moms.

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