Mompreneur Invents Must-Have Face Mask Gadget

Posted 2020-09-15 by Sue
How do you keep your face mask handy, clean and ready for use?

You know the drill … trying to get into the car with the kids only to realize you’ve forgotten today’s default fashion accessory: the face mask. Or worse, you’ve arrived at your destination and one of the kids has inexplicably lost their mask IN THE CAR…never to be seen again. What’s a mom to do?

Well, one Atlanta-based mom of 3 took matters into her own hands and fashioned a strap for her kids to use as a necklace that holds their mask. She calls it the Face Mask Friend . Within days, she had neighbors lining up to buy them from her. We asked Kim Wilson how she came up with the idea: "I did a quick online search – certain I’d find this gadget and order a few for my whole family. (Afterall, my husband can’t hold onto anything on his own either.) Much to my surprise … it didn’t exist. Anywhere. I realized I had just invented the Face Mask Friend !"

Wilson says the idea is simple but in today’s world, it’s a must-have, “The safest thing was for the kids to wear them at all times (yeah right), but the reality was … my kids needed a way to hold their own mask, take it on and off as needed, and NOT lose it. But let’s be real…there is NO WAY my three, five and nine-year-olds could hold on to a face mask for 5 minutes without it ending up on the floor."

After selling out of her home-made inventory almost immediately, Wilson started working with a sewing manufacturer to make her products more quickly. Since June, she’s sold thousands of Face Mask Friend hanging straps to families all over the US. Reviews from customers on the Face Mask Friend website say the product has been a lifesaver.

“It’s washable, durable, comes in lots of colors. You need this little strap! My kids no longer lose their mask because we can hang them by the door. Perfect for walking around — if it gets crowded, Face Mask Friend strap is conveniently there with your mask.”

"I’m one of those Moms who always has a giant purse filled with every possible thing my three kids could need. Snacks, toys, candy, a first-aid kit – you name it. But as COVID-19 became the new normal for our family, I realized my bottomless bag wasn’t ideal for “mask storage” says Wilson.

This mom turned entrepreneur is now selling her invention to families nationwide and offers them in 3-Packs for $14.99 or a “Class Pack” of 50 which includes free shipping and is $185.00, a 25% discount.

During these uncertain times we praise Moms who are stepping outside the box to help their families and the community remain safe and healthy. Together, we can get through this difficult time and we encourage our Mom community to support each other and our Mompreneurs!


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