Reframe Career and Leadership: Helping Moms Find Meaning in their Work

Reframe Career and Leadership: Helping Moms Find Meaning in their Work

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Posted 2023-05-10 by Becfollow
Join a supportive coaching program designed to help working moms and other professional women find greater value and joy in their work.

Mothers, especially those with young children, are often at a midpoint in their career where they’re reevaluating priorities and taking a different perspective on their careers. The balancing act necessary to make careers and life work drives many to re-examine where they’re putting their time. And at the end of the day, each of us desire the opportunity to be fulfilled and find more joy in our lives, both in and out of work.

Make Your 40 Hours Count is a supportive group coaching program through Reframe Career and Leadership to help women in this transition reflect and reframe what a meaningful career means for them. In a close cohort of women, you create a path forward in gaining a job or career that feels meaningful to you, aligns with your values, and supports the life you want to lead.

It’s common for many women to internalize self-doubt, fears, and certain experiences in the workplace. Whether it’s imposter syndrome or systemic barriers and discrimination, being in a safe community with other women allows us to vocalize and normalize experiences in a way that helps us gain perspective and re-evaluate our situations.

Over the course of three weeks, Make Your 40 Hours Count participants learn the tools they need for self-reflection, clarity, and building a path forward. They also gain a community of other mid-career women who become long-term professional connections and accountability partners.

The workshop is led by Reframe founder , Julie Stoltman, a career and leadership coach and organizational development consultant with years of experience supporting individuals and teams in achieving impact and fulfillment. She’s also a mom raising two young daughters with her husband in South Seattle.

The next workshop starts on Monday, June 5, from 4pm – 6pm Pacific time and is held via Zoom, meaning you can finish work early, attend from home and still be there for the kids and bedtime.

“The series helped me to narrow in on what is draining me versus feeding me, and clarified what I'm looking for out of an employer, “ said one participant. “It gave me different questions than I had been asking myself, which helped me zoom out a little and consider some bigger picture wants, needs, and goals. Hearing what my peers were experiencing and asking also just helped put my own situation into more context also.

I felt not alone in the struggle to figure out what the "right path" is for me, which made the question feel less daunting."

If you’re feeling stuck in your career, you’re not alone. Join the next Reform Career and Leadership Make Your 40 Hours Count group coaching program and start finding the joy in work once more.

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